The STEM Maker Teams workshop 

Aug 27, 2021 | News

On the 26th of August 2021, an online workshop took place online with the STEM Maker Team of Cyprus of the FeSTEM project.  The workshop included activities aiming to identify the best possible tools and materials to be included in the gender-sensitive toolkit developed as part of the FeSTEM project.

Summary of the activities:

The participants were given statistics related to women in STEM fields

  • The participants were given a scenario of what they would do if they were the CEO of a company and they had to make a decision regarding a specific STEM related challenge
  • The participants were asked to visit a padlet and explore the gender-sensitive material and tools and their categories.

Then, they were given a form to evaluate the material based on specific criteria.

  • And finally they were asked to do a card-sorting activity in order to classify the material under the three major steps of the toolbox.

Some slogans were extracted by the participants of the workshop:

“We treat you equally” 

“Maternity is not a career-end decision… there are solutions” 

“Cultivate equality… maternity is upgrading our employee’s role” 

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