The Project

About us

The novelty of our approach is reflected in the activities that will make use of traditional and computationally-rich media through which we envisage to expose HE students to successful female role models in STEM and encourage the development of networking opportunities for women to establish a peer support system. The making of meaningful, shareable exhibits is based on the premise that by having students engage as scientists in a creative, hands-on, and passionate endeavour allows them to spark their motivation to remain active in STEM- a motivation that is often extinguished by extrinsic and goals and expectations of education and workplace.

The main project outcomes are foreseen to be: a gender-sensitive teaching methodology for engaging HE students in making shareable exhibits and promoting gender-equality issues, an open source online instrument for making gender-sensitive shareable exhibits, resources in the form of examples to illustrate how shareable exhibits can act as mentoring constructs for women in STEM and a mentoring community platform for STEM HE students.