Science Project Online Workshops

May 9, 2022 | News

The FeSTEM project has run a series of two Science Project Online Workshops (SPOWs) organised jointly with Scientix within the framework of the STEM Discovery Campaign 2022. The Workshop objectives were to:

  • Identify the gender-related challenges you want to discuss with students;
  • Become familiar with the design and possible uses of FeSTEM resources;
  • Create materials to incorporate the FeSTEM approach in your curriculum

A total of 9 teachers participated the SPOWs. The participants had as homework to create a gender sensitive material (poster, article, short video, short presentation) proposing a lesson plan for their students following the FeSTEM approach. The participants then uploaded their artifacts on the FeSTEM platform, in the community of practice.

“Breaking the “glass ceiling” event in the local press

Our event “Breaking the “glass ceiling” is gaining visibility in the local press! The multiplier event organised by the Cyprus University of Technology has gained visibility in the local online press.Local newspapers  have covered the event showcasing the project...