Data and analysis of the current state of the art

regarding the needs, challenges, difficulties and expectations of women in STEM in higher education (HE) and industry.

FeSTEM methodology

a gender-sensitive curriculum for STEM that consists of a set of training methodologies that can be used for guiding gender-sensitive teaching and the FeSTEM approach that informs the training methodology.

FeSTEM industry-informed Toolkit

which summarises the challenges that girls and women are expected to encounter in their early and senior careers and propose best practices policies for young women to adopt when entering the STEM professional world.


with traditional and digital materials for constructing gender-sensitive exhibits as well as reporting on the materials and tools (digital and traditional) that can be used for developing gender-sensitive exhibits.

FeSTEM Online Learning Unit

based on the results of the previous outputs and available for wider usage.

FeSTEM community platform

that aims to link HE students in STEM with experienced mentors in the field.